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Tick Myths

Myth: Ticks “burrow under the skin”

Truth: No they do not. Ticks only insert their hypostome (1/8″)

Myth: Ticks fly, jump or drop from trees.

Truth: They actually do not. They wait on the end of a tall blade of grass or twig for an animal to go by. Then crawl up and find a place to attach and feed.

Myth: Use of petroleum jelly, nail polish, alcohol, hot match, etc… helps the tick back out.

Truth: It has been scientifically proven in clinical research that this does not happen. Ticks will activate their defenses and regurgitate infected fluids into YOU, potentially giving you a disease. – DO NOT USE THESE!!

Myth: If the tick’s “head” breaks off in the skin, another tick will grow from it.

Truth: ABSOLUTELY NOT. An infection will result much like a splinter, and will work its way out of the skin over time.

Myth: “Getting Lyme Disease won’t happen to me”

Truth: Yes, it very well may. Lyme Disease is the second fastest growing infectious vector-borne disease in the United States. AIDS is number one. Never mind ALL the other diseases ticks transmit.

Myth: Rotating the tick will release it from the skin.

Truth: Ticks have barbs on the hypostome, NOT THREADS… you cannot unscrew a tick.

Myth: “Hard” ticks are small and “soft” ticks are big.

Truth: Hard ticks have a scutum or “shield-like” plate on their back. Soft ticks have no scutum. Most ticks are hard ticks.