Sign used at 2nd vegetable stand 1960 - 1966 across from Newick's Seafood Restaurant.

aerial photo of farmstead December, 18th 2002 at 3,400'

an appreciation sign to my neighbor who helped me be a creative person

George Vachon proudly sitting at HIS bench

Mary enjoying life on the farm

a few chickens

and some cows

we're Scotch Highland Cattle'

Good morning,  My name is McTavish and this was my herd.

'Hi!! I'm 'red' , and was just born a couple of minutes ago'.

'I'm resting now'.

'am I cute or what'.

'cute me' with my mom.

'this is my grand ma... try-in to see me'

I'm hungry now

'this one is for dessert'

'mom, tell Mrs. chicken she can't have any'

'HEY!!   I'm 15 minutes old & it's 10 degrees... damn, it's cold'

'Mrs. farmer warming my soul'

1 hour later... 'I'm ready to go back outside to mom'

..."nice doggy"

well... I thought I wanted to come back outside

but I'm delicate you know

what a nice bed Mr. farmer made for me. Oh, I forgot, my name is Snowball Patch

No!, I'm not a sheep, I'm cattle

this is my mom, she'll tell you

sorry... hungry now

Yes... same thing for me, the coldest day of the year... brrrrrrr

and a flood the next day

the tide coming in

from a trickel to....

with water comes ducks

and a happy bunch they are

I heard this one's for dessert

mmmm, mmmm, good

are you tired of talking to yourself yet?

Hey, look at me... I'm the cute one here

come on mom, ... you're crowding me

like this little mug

try this one


are you listening?

I see a nice pond ahead... let's land

what a nice place

even Mr. stork likes it

Mr.stork, you have a nice reflection

do we have anything to do today?

Hey!! what's that over there??

I'm the first little dun baby

I'm the cutest cow...  are you the cutest doggy?

I've told just about everyone



what's going on here... is this a farm ??

with calves being born all the time

Hi!,  I'm your brother

what a family I have

what are you cows doing without horns...

I wonder how they get through the Dover traffic without horns

I'm McTavish, the former farmstead bull

Mr.Farmer... nice to see you today, now go find my cows

they went that way

no!!.... this way

this is fun auntie, what are we doing?

this is Mac, our new bull

I can see you

I said, I see you!!

yes... I am majestic

in New Hampshire you can.....

Mrs. farmer says... I live here

the wheel of fortunate New Hampshire

see Mr. Clark, we're not afraid of the electric fence

pretty farm flowers planted in our farm's compost

daisys enjoying the sun

giant yellow marigolds

orange marigolds

and some giant white stuff

our own luscious blueberries

bushes from Harlan Chadwick's farm

Mary pickin it clean

have to pick every day

this is what OUR COMPOST does to the ordinary tomatoe plant... 6' tall

what's a farm without a good hornets nest

with real live hornets

skating rink with hockey nets Rick made for the neighborhood kids

lifes little pleasures

God protecting us

or maybe HE wants to smite us

no,... just something brewing for someone else

I wouldn't want to be under that cloud

this is nice, however

God bless, Mary & Rick