Quick, Easy, & Effective
Tick Removal for People & Pets

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Quick, Easy, & Effective
Tick Removal for People & Pets


Tick Removal for People or Pets
Is as Easy as 1-2-3!

The tell-tale “snap” sound lets you know the tick has been completely removed!

Tick Removal Demonstration

Why Choose Ticked Off?

⇒ Use with people or pets

⇒ No human contact with tick

⇒ Helps reduce risk of diseases

⇒ Accurate & effective

⇒ Physician & veterinarian endorsed

⇒ Removes crawling or attached ticks

⇒ Independently university lab tested

⇒ Simple & easy to use. No guesswork!

A Great Marketing Tool that Actually Works!

TTicked Off can create customized Ticked Off Tick Removers for your brand. Are your customers pet owners, hikers, or outdoor enthusiasts? Then a custom Ticked Of Tick Remover could be the perfect marketing tool.

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TICKED OFF™ tick removers are always made in the USA.